“Erath County Living” article on the life of Stephenville, TX native, Dr. O. H. “Bud” Frazier, Jr.

A Veteran. Thank you for your service. This is Super 8 film I just had converted. It shows: Dr. Frazier (29 yrs old, US Army, drafted, assigned to assault helicopter company with South Koreans) in Vietnam, 1969, Medal Ceremony, Village Children and Clinic, Village Scenes, Low Helicopter showing Base, Karate Training with South Koreans, Catholic Nuns taking Orphans (he often brought orphans to them and always speaks of the wonderful nuns), Military Formations Preparing for Patrol, Artillery focusing on Mountain Bunkers, Rice Farmers and Children, and at the end I make an appearance, He met my mother for a short break in Hawaii: showing Rachel Frazier pregnant with me! This is a dropbox link to view the movie, about 16 min. Todd Frazier


Vietnam 1969

Dr. Frazier 2021