Patient Stories/Professional Achievements

Sundance Film: Dr. Frazier/Dr. Cohn:


March 2021, New Yorker: How to Build an Artificial Heart | The New Yorker

Charles Washington Longest Surviving Heart Transplant Patient:

“Bionic Bride” Talks About Giving Back:

Implantation of a Continuous-Flow Total Artificial Heart at The Texas Heart Institute

Top Heart Surgeon on What Inspired His Career:

Conversation with Dr. Frazier:

Living The History – Bud Frazier, M.D.:

Bud Frazier & Billy Cohn at TEDMED 2012

Dr. O.H. “Bud” Frazier, M.D., 2012 Chancellor’s Council Meeting & Symposium

Allyssa Smith Babineaux “The Bionic Bride” living her dream:

Dr. Bud Frazier – Pioneering a New Frontier:

Past, Present and Future of Mechanical Circulatory Assist (Bud Frazier, MD) Keynote

30th Anniversary Texas Heart Institute Transplant Program